Whether you need a coach, writer, or facilitator, I’m here.

My approach is centered around returning to a place of authenticity, restoring a sense of truth, and living life from a perspective of curiosity, daring, and fun—no matter what your goals are.

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I was a student of the New Age as a teen growing up in the 80s. A clear quartz crystal dangling from neck, I regularly listened to Shakti Gawain’s Creative Visualization and Louise Hay’s You Can Heal Your Life on cassettes while lying on the kelly green wall-to-wall shag carpet that covered my bedroom floor.

Since then spirituality has gone fully mainstream, and I’ve experienced my share of life challenges—flares of a chronic illness, loss of loved ones, anxiety and depression, a dark night of the soul or two. I’ve been deeply impacted by the work of Eckhart Tolle, Leo Babauta, Derek Rydall, John Taylor Gatto and others over the last several years, and I’ve successfully incorporated many of their key teachings into my daily life.

I can help you to:

  • be more fully present

  • accept and even embrace uncertainty

  • feel curious, excited and engaged with the world

  • become aware of social conditioning that holds you back

  • get out of your comfort zone on a regular basis

  • laugh more heartily and more often

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I’m a writer at heart. As a child I spent countless hours crouched in front of my father’s IBM Selectric, writing and illustrating stories about squirrels and distributing them to beaming family members.

As I got older the inner voice that giddily followed my imagination turned into a relentless critic. A stinging evaluation from a well-meaning high school teacher all but shut me off to the part of myself that loved story and language.

When I trained in Creativity Coaching with Eric Maisel, I learned that we can reverse that process. Through awareness of the patterns of mind that prevent us from acting on our creative impulses, we can return to a way of being that allow for our ideas and inspiration to flow through us and manifest.

I can help you to:

  • redefine creativity as a natural state, not just something confined to artistic expression

  • release anxiety and negative thoughts around creative practice

  • integrate a creative outlook into all areas of your life—work, family, hobbies and more

  • overcome resistance and establish a playful, rewarding creativity habit

Amy is a perceptive and gifted coach who makes an art of helping others to create.
— Jim Mott, painter

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The need for an updated resume or a jump-started job search comes about in different ways—an unexpected lay-off, a desire for new challenges, or as part of a deeper reexamination of our life purpose. Revising a resume, though often a dreaded task, is a wonderful opportunity to gain clarity about our talents, skills, and intentions.

The nature of job searching and marketing oneself has changed radically over the past few years; through a process of interviewing, writing and coaching tailored to your unique needs and goals, I can help you to:

  • reflect on your career milestones and identify accomplishments and achievements

  • take concrete next steps in your career through networking and outreach

  • use platforms such as LinkedIn and Monster to support your search

  • present yourself strongly and authentically to any potential employer

Amy knows how to listen and suggest options without being attached to the outcome.
— Christine Cummings, client services specialist



I first worked up the nerve to stand in front of a group of undergraduates as a newly minted English teacher in Quito, Ecuador over 20 years ago. Since then I’ve become a veteran presenter and speaker who thrives on the energy generated by groups of people learning together. I’ve designed and delivered countless professional development workshops, developed and taught graduate level courses, and facilitated teams working on large-scale projects.

With my experience in education behind me, I now collaborate with individuals, small businesses, corporations and nonprofits to create hands-on, engaging learning experiences across a wide range of sectors.

I can help you to:

  • conduct a comprehensive needs assessment to determine objectives for training

  • map a plan for any team project, including deadlines, benchmarks, and intended outcomes

  • choose a modality (facilitator-led, coaching/training hybrid, online) that best suits your goals

  • provide training in any format that inspires your team and is enjoyable and fun

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Content or Copywriting/EDITING

I often joke about having Writer’s Disease—an incurable obsession with ideal word choice and an inability to let a typo or grammatical error go uncorrected. I value writing that is concise, witty, accurate, and rich with the voice of the person communicating their idea.

Getting a message across in writing is more critical than ever in the digital age, and sometimes collaboration leads to greater clarity. Whether you’d like to draft a cover letter, generate copy for your website, send better emails, or proofread your novel-length manuscript, I can help you to:

  • brainstorm your vision for any writing project

  • if desired, offload the writing and editing process in its entirety to me

  • convey the core values, intentions, and strengths of your brand

  • grow your blog, newsletter, or website