How I Work

We’re all unique. We have preferred ways of interacting, individual dreams and goals, and specific desired outcomes. If you work with me, we’ll draft a proposal that encompasses an approach customized to your needs, but we’ll always start from a foundation of direct and frequent “real world” communication. No packages, no programs—just you and me, talking and working together.

I start all coaching with a two-hour conversation. If you decide to hire me as your coach, I require a minimum commitment of four months, during which time we will combine face-to-face meetings, Zoom calls, emails, and any other tools that help you stay on track and get where you want to go. I’ll offer you a coaching agreement reflecting the depth of your commitment and the level of engagement you deserve.

If you or your organization hire me to design and deliver training, facilitate a team’s initiative, write copy from scratch or do major editing, we’ll negotiate a contract on a per project basis. Contact me directly for more information.