Amy is the ‘great unpacker’ with a gift for drilling down through layers of resistance to find the light.
— Adela Mei, brand strategist and healer

Reconnect with who you really are.


At some point in life we hit a crossroads.

We lose touch with the sense of play and wonder we embodied as children.

We realize we are not living as we had imagined we would.

We become small. We default to an existence that diminishes our true potential and capacity to contribute. Worst of all, we lose our sense of humor.

At these junctures, I guide people toward a conscious reexamination of their values and priorities and point them toward big, courageous action that leads to enhanced creativity, increased risk-taking, a return to alignment with their true purpose—and results beyond anything they thought possible.

All photography by Olaf Faeskorn, Lena Faeskorn, and Tobias Faeskorn

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I am a coach, writer, and facilitator.

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